WWE: Saturday Night’s Main Event

Saturday Night’s Main Event was the show to watch between pay per views in the mid to late 80’s and early 90’s. Debuting on May 11, 1985 after the first Wrestlemania – the show aired on an infrequent basis on NBC in the US but it was the only time that you could see main event matches away from pay per views or live events. It started on the back of the success of two MTV specials – the second of which (The War to Settle the Score) led into Wrestlemania. 29 editions were presented from 1985 to 1991, and included many incidents that led to major events such as Wrestlemania. In 1992, two more editions were produced for transmission on the Fox Network after NBC dropped the program – but that was the last we saw of the event. Until 2006.

Five editions, including the last to date in 2008, were produced and shown back at it’s old home on NBC.

In Australia, only a handful of editions were shown on Channel Ten. The first three, the tenth, twelfth, fourteenth and sixteenth. Of course, Fox8 has transmitted all five of the more recent editions on Mondays in the usual wrestling timeslot.

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