Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling began it’s life as Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) in June 2002 as the new promotional arm of the NWA. It presented weekly two hour shows on pay TV in the United States for more than two years in an initial effort to draw an audience. The promotion grew to the point that it felt that the NWA structure was restricting it and TNA left the NWA in mid 2004 – even though the NWA title continued to be defended in the promotion. In late 2004 TNA switched to monthly pay per views – starting with Victory Road in November.

TNA’s cable program initially was TNA Xplosion, which began in late 2002. It ceased in the US in late 2004 about six months after it’s flagship show – TNA Impact – began mid year. Between July and October 2005 Impact emanated from TNA’s website due to no TV contract. In October TNA took advantage of WWE Raw’s move from Spike TV to the USA Network, and Impact returned. It remained at one hour until October 2007 when a second hour was added.

Over the years TNA picked up a number of former WWE wrestlers who had been let go. The biggest prior to 2010 was in 2006 when Kurt Angle was released in order to rest up long term. However Angle preferred to keep working and signed with TNA. Other former names included Christian, Billy Gunn, the Road Dogg, the Dudley Boys, Mick Foley (who have all since returned to WWE including Angle), Tyson Tomko, Gail Kim, Jackie Gayda and Victoria. And in the case of Victoria she couldn’t use that name due to WWE trademarking.

On May 13, 2007, the agreement between TNA and the NWA regarding the world title clearly wasn’t working as the NWA wanted their champion to travel through the territories. The NWA also wasn’t happy about not having a say in who should be the champion, so the agreement was terminated.

At the beginning of 2010 major changes were made with the addition of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in an attempt to “swing for the fences”. Other names followed, again from WWE including Ric Flair, Ken Anderson and Jeff Hardy amongst others. This led to a shift for Impact to Monday nights against WWE Raw, first as a one off on January 4 and then on a more permanent basis from March 8. However this only lasted until May 3 before reverting to Thursday again. In 2013 Impact started to move around but that also was soon canned and many wrestlers were being released as TNA struggled financially. A move to Wednesday nights in August 2014 didn’t help and a move from Spike TV to Destination America from the start of 2015 was likewise useless. At the beginning of 2016 Impact moved to Pop TV and by this time the number of pay per views had dropped back to just two a year. WWE also gained some former TNA names like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries (who has since left) and Eric Young (who has since also left and returned to Impact) with appearances by James Storm. At the beginning of 2017 there was a change of ownership and by the beginning of March the name was changed to Impact Wrestling. This was consequently changed to Global Force Wrestling in July 2017, but reverted back to Impact Wrestling shortly afterwards.

When WWE pay per views disappeared from Australia in 2003, one of the weekly TNA pay per views was shown once a month. Early good figures dropped after the April show thanks to the actions of New Jack, and dropped further when WWE returned in August. The 12 month deal was not renewed. The monthly pay per views were shown in Australia from May 2006 when they debuted on a two week tape delay. This lasted for twelve months before they became live in May 2007. They disappeared at the same time as TNA Impact.

TNA Impact debuted in Australia on April 5, 2008 with the April 3 edition and was shown on Saturday night at various times from 8.30pm to 11.30pm. This ceased at the beginning of November 2014 before a final six month stint until June 24, 2015 when Impact disappeared from Australian screens for good.

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ARCHIVES (Pay Per View)
Slammiversary: 2005>092010>142015>17
Bound for Glory: 2005>092010>142015>16
Sacrifice: 2005>092010>14
Lockdown: 2005>092010>14
Genesis: 2005>092010>13
Final Resolution: 2005>082009>12
Turning Point: 2004>082009>12
No Surrender: 2005>092010>12
Hard Justice: 2005>092010>12
Destination X: 2005>092010>12
Victory Road: 2004>092010>12
Against All Odds: 2005>092010>12
Unbreakable: 2005