Smackdown July 30, 2021

Transmitted live in Australia on Saturday July 31, 2021 at 10:00am


  1. Jimmy Uso v Rey Mysterio – Mysterio by pinfall with a crucifix
  2. Reginald v Chad Gable: 24/7 Title Match – Reginald by DQ when Otis Dozovich interfered
  3. Apollo Crews, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler v Antonio Cesaro, Big E Langston & Shinsuke Nakamura – Cesaro, Langston & Nakamura by pinfall when Nakamura pinned Crews after the Kinshasa
  4. Zelina Vega & Carmella v Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks – Bianca & Sasha by submission when Carmella tapped out to the Bank Statement


  • After what happened last week I wasn’t surprised John Cena opened Smackdown. And Baron Corbin decided to plea for help from the King of the Make a Wish foundation. Nope – needs an attitude adjustment, and so delivered!
  • Roman Reigns heard that and addressed it at the contract signing against Finn Balor. He signed, but before Finn could Corbin attacked! He was going to get the title shot for some badly needed moolah, but then Cena ejected him and HE signed the contract! So it’s Reigns v Cena at Summerslam after all!
  • Hey Usos! Payback is a bitch! Dominik did his own assist to make sure Rey got the pin on the crucifix!
  • Edge was going to make a statement but Seth Rollins decided on a sneak attack and made it clear. If Seth wasn’t getting a title shot, Edge wasn’t either!
  • I thought for a second we would get a mess of challenges to Bianca Belair. But when Carmella and Zelina Vega double teamed her – I smelt it! THE BOSS! Bianca was shocked by the save, but she got over that. They won an Espy remember!
  • That led to the tag team match and business was take care of – and then it was even more predictable. Sasha with the backcracker. She wants the title back!
  • We had the six man that was set up last week, and that was a big win for Nakamura despite Rick Boogs being flattened by Commander Azeez for distracting Crews. And Pat McAfee still needs that mosh pit!
  • I don’t think the 24/7 title has been on Smackdown before. And it was treated a little differently as we don’t have a DQ very often and then nothing else happens!

NXT July 27, 2021

Transmitted live in Australia on Thursday July 28, 2021 at 10:00am


  1. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher v Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan – Dunne & Lorcan by pinfall when Dunne pinned Ciampa after the Bitter End
  2. Carmelo Hayes v Josh Briggs: Breakout Tournament Quarter Final – Hayes by pinfall after a top rope Scissors Kick
  3. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro v Franky Monet & Jessi Kamea – 2KC by pinfall when Kacy pinned Franky after the neckbreaker 450
  4. Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel v Ashante Adonis & Top Dollar – Imperium by pinfall when Barthel pinned Adonis after the European Bomb
  5. Bronson Reed v Adam Cole – Cole by pinfall after the Last Shot


  • Oh it’s ON! William Regal was planning to fire Karrion Kross from NXT but Samoa Joe had a better idea. Joe resigned from management and wanted Regal to activate him as a wrestler! That done – Regal also signed Joe against Kross at Takeover 36!
  • I saw it coming! It was like a neon light! Dakota Kai went over the top glad handling Racquel Gonzalez – and then turned on her with a massive kick in the corner! Looks like we could have another match for Takeover 36!
  • Speaking of Takeover 36, they are transferring the NXT UK title match between Walter and Ilja Dragunov to it. It was deferred in the England for reasons I couldn’t locate.
  • Bronson Reed did his best but he missed the Tsunami setting up the superkick and then the end. But then Adam Cole was attacked by Kyle O’Reilly who returned the shot to the ring steps that hurt O’Reilly awhile ago!
  • Santos Escobar distracted Hit Row leading to Adonis getting squashed and then the rest of Legado Del Fantasma attacked! That led to tag team match next week.
  • I am dubbing Kayden and Kacy 2KC. See what I did there? Robert Stone stuffed up in this one and I have a feeling Aliyah won’t be the only one to get cheered soon!
  • Duke Hudson was an interested spectator as Carmelo Hayes managed to take out Josh Briggs in the Breakout Tournament. Hayes and Hudson meet in the semi finals.
  • Oh oh! The Way is in even more strife now, after Johnny Gargano rejected the idea of Dexter Lumis being a part of the family to replace Austin Theory. Result? Next week it’s Gargano v Lumis with Indi staying with The Way or Dexter!
  • Also next week – Bobby Fish gets Roderick Strong.

Raw July 26, 2021

Transmitted live in Australia on Tuesday July 27, 2021 at 10:00am

  1. Sheamus v Damian Priest: Non Title Match – Priest by pinfall after the Reckoning
  2. AJ Styles & Omos v Erik & Ivar: Raw Tag Team Title Match – Styles & Omos by pinfall to retain the titles when Styles pinned Erik after the springboard 450 splash
  3. Drew McIntyre v Veer – McIntyre by DQ when Veer grabbed a chair
  4. Eva Marie & Piper Niven v Nattie Neidhart & Tamina Snuka: Non Title Match – Nattie & Tamina by pinfall when Tamina pinned Eva after the superkick
  5. Karrion Kross v Keith Lee: Non Title Match – Kross by submission with the Krossjacket
  6. T-Bar & Mace v Mansoor & Mustafa Ali – Mansoor & Ali by pinfall when Mansoor pinned Mace with a sunset flip
  7. Bobby Lashey v Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin: Non Title Handicap Match – Lashley by pinfall on both men after the Dominator on Alexander onto Benjamin
  8. Matt Riddle v John Morrison – Morrison by pinfall after Starship Pain
  9. Ron Killings v Reginald: 24/7 Title Match – Reginald by pinfall to retain the title with the somersault sit down splash
  10. Charlotte v Nikki Cross: Non Title Match – Charlotte by pinfall with the reverse flying bodpress


  • Yes indeed, Nikki Cross! You do deserve it! And yes – if you believe in yourself you can achieve whatever you want! AMEN! And of course here’s the buzzkill, whining. Rhea wasn’t having that but they both wanted a shot at Nikki – and the result was a triple threat at Summerslam courtesy of Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville!
  • Nikki though took the non title challenge and was beaten. But she was plucky enough to want more next week!
  • Bobby Lashley wasn’t going to dignify Goldberg’s challenge with a response – but he was annoyed when first Cedric Alexander and then Shelton Benjamin challenged him. And he took both of them on and beat them – using the Jackhammer to flatten Shelton by the way!
  • Just because Damian Priest managed to get Sheamus’ mask off and then got the win, Sheamus whines about his nose when it wasn’t even bleeding!
  • Oh here we go – Shanky gets chair shots, and Jindar calls out a lawyer! And Drew wasn’t about to say sorry – and hey, Mahal; Drew is going to kill you!
  • But that was BS DQ! It should have been Drew disqualified because he was the one who used the chair when hitting Veer with the Claymore! However – the lawyer was taken care of the old fashioned way. A kick to the head, Scotland style!
  • I have to admit I did like the Miz drenching Byron Saxton with the Drop Stick! But equally I enjoyed Matt Riddle sending Miz onto his back again! But the arrival of the tag team champions and then Omos snapping the handle bar of Riddle’s scooter in half caused the massive distraction.
  • Keith Lee had a chance for a bit of retribution against the man who beat him for the NXT title last year – Karrion Kross. But it didn’t work out in the end.
  • Talking of retribution, with a capital R! Ali resuming hostilities with his old Retribution minions alongside Mansoor. But somehow the win was achieved and Mansoor was delighted! Ali was circumspect and in a bit of shock as well.
  • I loved that! Eva Marie got hers after being distracted by Alexa Bliss’s voice promoting Lily as Hollywood material! A superkick to the face! One negative – Nattie could be hurt legit.
  • Okay – it looks like no one can touch Reggie! His flips and what not were perplexing not just Ron but the whole 24/7 chase crew too!

Smackdown July 23, 2021

Transmitted live in Australia on Saturday July 24, 2021 at 10:00am


  1. Finn Balor v Sami Zayn -Balor by pinfall after the Coup De Gras
  2. Angelo Dawkins v Chad Gable – Dawkins by pinfall after the Cash Out
  3. Bianca Belair v Carmella: Smackdown Women’s Title Match – Bianca by pinfall to retain the title after the KOD
  4. Zelina Vega v Toni Storm – Toni by pinfall after Storm One
  5. Jimmy Uso v Dominik Mysterio – Uso by pinfall with a half sunset flip


  • John Cena was a man of his word. He was on Smackdown and calling out Roman Reigns. But he didn’t get him – yet. Paul Heyman decided on some proxy head games instead.
  • Roman did show up and fired back verbally at Cena, but instead of getting the Doctor he got the Prince! Balor fired off his own challenge after Roman said No to Cena’s, and on the back of a chant of “Roman’s Scared” he accepted!
  • That was after another cheap assist win by the Uso’s preventing Dominik from kicking out of the short sunset flip
  • And Balor had already taken care of Sami Zayn to begin the night.
  • Big E Langston was delighted with his Mr Money in the Bank status, but multiple mouths cut him off and we had a brawl that seemed to be setting for a six man – I suspect as TV viewers were sent to Rolling Loud and matches two and three, the crowd at Cleveland got a dark match.
  • At Rolling Loud the crowd was non plussed as Dawkins got a quick win and Bianca took care of Carmella.
  • Back in Cleveland Baron Corbin was continuing his downward spiral as his crowding fund website had crashed as the person who helped Corbin stile it and his identity. Kevin Owens decided to be nice and gave him some money, but an accidental ball shot from Shotzi’s tank had Baron squirming – and the Dirty Dawgs took the money!
  • Toni Storm made her debut and is back to face as she took care of business. It would have been nice to acknowledge the Gold Coast’s role in the 2032 Olympics to be held in nearby Brisbane.

NXT July 20, 2021

Transmitted live in Australia on Thursday July 21, 2021 at 10:00am


  1. Roderick Strong & Tyler Rust v Bobby Fish & Kushida – Fish & Kushida by submission when Rust tapped out to the Hoverboard Lock
  2. Jacy Jayne v Franky Monet – Franky by pinfall after the Glam Slam
  3. Kyle O’Reilly v Austin Theory – O’Reilly by submission with the Heel Hook
  4. Andre Chase v Odyssey Jones: NXT Breakout Tournament Quarter Final – Jones by pinfall after D
  5. Drake Maverick v LA Knight: Non Title Match – Maverick by pinfall with a roll up
  6. Xia Li v Racquel Gonzalez: NXT Women’s Title Match – Racquel by pinfall to retain the title after the one armed power bomb


  • William Regal was NOT happy when Samoa Joe – sufficiently provoked – called out Karrion Kross. Regal told Joe to find a peaceful solution, but I don’t think that’s going to happen! The way to do this I think? Strip Kross of the title for attacking a referee!
  • And I think that’s going to happen now after Kross snuck into the building behind Joe’s back and left Regal lying!
  • I suspect Xia Li was winded legit hence the delay in the ending of the main event, but I’ll keep an eye on the news wires.
  • Bobby Fish got his hands on Roderick Strong in the tag team match, but I’m sure he wants more after it was Kushida who got his own measure of revenge.
  • It was announced that next week Bronson Reed will get his match against Adam Cole!
  • Things are starting to completely unravel with The Way, particularly on the back of Austin Theory’s loss – caused by Kyle snapping when Theory went a similar route to Cole with the ring steps. And the debate caused Theory to walk!
  • Hit Row and Legado Del Fantasma were trading barbs and soon trading fists!
  • Drake Maverick was being nice and polite, but LA Knight wasn’t having him helping his butler! Cam knew he meant well but also knew what he signed for. It resulted in Knight v Maverick and you have to love serendipity! An accidental collision with the title belt being held up under Knight’s instructions and the roll up!
  • Knight was furious and blamed Grimes when it was an accident that Knight contributed to! He beat up Maverick and then instructed Grimes to hit Maverick. Cameron resisted, but finally did as he was told.
  • Jacy Jayne gave Franky Monet a fight – and what was Mandy Rose doing? She disappeared as the match ended and Franky didn’t seem enamoured with Robert Stone’s presence.
  • Hmmm. Not overly impressed with Odyssey Jones.
  • And I don’t know what that was with MSK and Imperium hacking in to the promo!

Raw July 19, 2021

Transmitted live in Australia on Tuesday July 20, 2021 at 10:00am

  1. Matt Riddle, Erik & Ivar v AJ Styles, Omos & John Morrison – Riddle & The Viking Raiders by pinfall when Erik pinned Morrison after the Viking Experience
  2. Elias Sampson v Jaxson Ryker: Falls Count Anywhere Match – Ryker by pinfall after a superplex to the floor through a table
  3. Nattie Neidhart & Tamina Snuka v Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax: Non Title Match – Nattie & Tamina by pinfall when Tamina pinned Shayna after the superkick
  4. Reginald v Akira Tozawa: 24/7 Title Match – Reginald by pinfall to win the title after a somersault sit down splash
  5. Sheamus v Humberto Carrillo: Non Title Match – Sheamus by pinfall after the Brogue Kick
  6. Bobby Lashley v Keith Lee: Non Title Match – Lashley by pinfall after the spear
  7. Karrion Kross v Jeff Hardy: Non Title Match – Hardy by pinfall with a double leg hook up
  8. Rhea Ripley v Charlotte Flair: Raw Women’s Title Match – Rhea by DQ when Charlotte hit her with the title belt
  9. Charlotte Flair v Nikki Cross: Raw Women’s Title Match – Nikki by pinfall to win the title after the flying body press


  • After his surprise return at Money in the Bank, John Cena opened up Raw and made it clear. Roman Reigns is an arsehole! He was headed for Smackdown this week and gave notice of his challenge for the Universal Title at Summerslam!
  • After squashing Kofi Kingston, Lashley felt up for an open challenge – and had to withstand Keith Lee. He did it, but then someone else got his attention. GOLDBERG! And Lashley was LIVID when he was told “I’M NEXT!”
  • After claiming she could beat Rhea “any day of the week”, Charlotte was forced to prove it in the main event. But she went the DQ (when Fox8 had issues with transmission) and Rhea struck back with fury!
  • And then Nikki Cross cashed in! I had a feeling that might happen here! New champion!
  • Matt Riddle isn’t stupid! He grabbed one of Miz’s drip sticks and sprayed Omos from behind – and left Mizanin holding the stick! Eddie Guerrero would have loved that one! That left J-Mo high and dry for the loss in the opening six man.
  • Another loss thanks to a Reggie distraction and finally Nia got the message and head butted him before the former champions walked off. But then Reggie caught Akira Tozawa and won the 24/7 title.
  • Humberto got his proper shot at a title match, but Sheamus ended up getting the win.
  • Jeffrey!! We all saw that you cheeky so and so! Two legs on the ropes! Trouble was – that just made Karrion Kross mad!
  • The Elias/Ryker match was billed as a Symphony of Destruction match, but it was clearly Falls Count Anywhere and it was anything goes.
  • And I am hoping like mad that Alexa Bliss sends Eva Marie back where she came from. Nowhere. And Piper Niven gets her name back!

Money in the Bank 2021

Transmitted live in Australia on Monday July 20, 2021 at 10:00am


  1. Alexa Bliss v Liv Morgan v Nikki Cross v Nattie Neidhart v Tamina Snuka v Zelina Vega v Naomi Knight v Asuka: Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Nikki by climbing past six of the seven women at the top of three ladders
  2. Erik & Ivar v AJ Styles & Omos: Raw Tag Team Title Match – Styles & Omos by pinfall to retain the titles when Omos pinned Eric after the Baldo Bomb
  3. Kofi Kingston v Bobby Lashley: WWE World Title Match – Lashley by technical submission to retain the title with the Hurt Lock
  4. Rhea Ripley v Charlotte Flair: Raw Women’s Title Match – Charlotte by submission to win the title with the Figure Eight Leglock
  5. Kevin Owens v Matt Riddle v Shinsuke Nakamura v Ricochet v John Morrison v Big E Langston v Seth Rollins v Drew McIntyre: Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Langston after a Big Ending from midway up a ladder on Rollins
  6. Edge v Roman Reigns: WWE Universal Title Match – Reigns by pinfall to retain the title after the spear


  • When they took their time in the start – I knew the main event was going to go for awhile and it did. The inevitable ref bump brought out the Usos, but the Mysterios put a stop to that. Trouble was it didn’t stop Seth Rollins! Reigns took advantage.
  • Edge and Seth brawled to the back, and Roman got on the microphone to demand that everyone acknowledge him – when JOHN CENA returned! It was a spotlight steal and nothing more but Roman was LIVID as the show went off the air!
  • I was wrong. Jindar Mahal and his cronies made sure that Drew McIntyre wouldn’t win the Money in the Bank case, opening the door ultimately for Big E. This was an awesome spotfest of the right variety.
  • It was a squash. Lashley followed up on his destruction of the VIP Lounge on Raw last week surviving an early flurry by Kofi and absolutely destroying him. Three Dominators in a row would have been enough but he wanted the Hurt Lock.
  • Wow. Just Wow. Rhea and Charlotte put on a ripper and set the table for the two matches that followed. Rhea’s defeat completed the undoing of the Aussie bright period in the space of four weeks.
  • Well I didn’t see that coming! Nikki Cross sneaked past the battling six women (Alexa Bliss had been buried under a bunch of ladders) to grab the case.
  • And Omos did enough to help AJ and resist the Viking raid.
  • Really good show! Enjoyed that!

Smackdown July 16, 2021

Transmitted live in Australia on Saturday July 17, 2021 at 10:00am


  1. Roman Reigns & Jimmy & Jey Uso v Rey & Dominik Mysterio & Edge – Reigns & The Usos by pinfall when Jey pinned Rey with a roll up
  2. Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox v Nattie Neidhart & Tamina Snuka: Non Title Match – Shotzi & Tegan by pinfall when Tegan pinned Nattie with an inside cradle
  3. Carmella v Bianca Belair: SD Women’s Title Match – Bianca by pinfall to retain the title after the KOD
  4. Otis Dozovich v Antonio Cesaro – Cesaro by DQ when Chad Gable interfered
  5. Kevin Owens v Big E Langston v Shinsuke Nakamura v Seth Rollins – Rollins by pinfall on Langston after the Blackout onto a ladder laid flat


  • “Where have you been?” That’s all Vince had to say to the returning crowd! And the crowd reaction to Roman Reigns was interesting to open the show – as expected with the six man tag I predicted. And biggest pop? Edge – BY A MILE!
  • The match did it’s job, and it took a handful of tights for Jey to get the pin. The Usos got to the Mysterios post match but Edge had a chair and used it on Jey and Jimmy, only to cop a Superman punch. Reigns broke off the piece of the chair but he took too long and was speared! And Edge had Roman tapping to that loaded Crossface!
  • Okay – Seth Rollins is an idiot. Firing up Edge over the close call back in 2014? I almost hope Rollins wins the MITB match just so Edge can shut him up! But he won’t.
  • Someone get Pat McAfee a Mosh Pit! The four way quickly turned into an impromptu ladder match with Kevin Owens dropping a elbow from the top of one through Shinsuke Nakamura and the commentary table. After Rollins got the win, he climbed the ladder and symbolically grabbed the case.
  • That was after Baron Corbin pleaded for help setting up a “CorbinFundMe”. If he wanted help, maybe that KO Stunner might have been what he really needed.
  • I’m glad Bianca Belair is over because she deserves it. Carmella did use some Bayley tactics with the hair but she got whipped and the KOD followed.
  • The Women’s tag team champions obviously figured lightning wouldn’t strike twice, but a ringside catfight between guest commentators Liv Morgan and Zelina Vega distracted Nattie and Tegan caught her! Nattie and Tamina attacked the distractors but Liv came back and was the one left standing.
  • It was clear that Cesaro was strong enough to deal with Otis which is why Chad Gable interfered for the DQ.
  • Sami Zayn was running his mouth and wasn’t getting anywhere over his conspiracy nonsense with the crowd – and Finn Balor wasn’t taking that! Welcome back to the main roster, Prince!
  • Money in the Bank is on Monday Australian time on the WWE Network or Main Event at 10:00am AEST.

NXT July 13, 2021

Transmitted live in Australia on Thursday July 14, 2021 at 10:00am


  1. Ember Moon v Dakota Kai – Dakota by pinfall after the GTK
  2. Bobby Fish v Tyler Rust – Rust by pinfall after a buzzsaw kick
  3. Gigi Dolin v Sarray – Sarray by pinfall after the Saiedo Suplex
  4. Dexter Lumis v Santos Escobar – Escobar by pinfall after the Phantom Driver
  5. Duke Hudson v Ikeman Jiro: NXT Breakout Tournament Quarter Final – Hudson by pinfall after the Black Hole Slam
  6. Aliyah & Jessi Kamea v Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro – Kayden & Kacy by pinfall when Kacy pinned Aliyah after the 450 Splash/neckbreaker combination
  7. Johnny Gargano v Karrion Kross: NXT Title Match – Kross by pinfall to retain the title after the forearm to the back of the head


  • I had a feeling something was going to happen in the main event to cause a title change, but I was wrong. Kross survived – but he finally snapped against special referee Samoa Joe and left him lying with the Krossjacket. Trouble!
  • I loved it when Adam Cole threw down a punk card to the locker room and Bronson Reed picked it up! Now that’s a match I want to see!
  • With Shotzi Blackheart off to Smackdown with her blessing, Ember Moon looked to right a wrong – only to be beaten clean by Dakota Kai. But after the match Xia Li appeared and had a title shot in mind! Racquel Gonzalez wasn’t saying no either!
  • Bobby Fish was keen to get his hands on his former Undisputed Era team mate Roderick Strong, but he had to go through Tyler Rust, and Strong took advantage distracting him to allow Rust to get the win.
  • But when the Diamond Mine surrounded Fish, Kushida ran in to improve the odds and the offenders decided on a discreet retreat. Tag team match coming next week!
  • Diversions also helped Santos Escobar get the win and then we had a confrontation on the stage between Legado Del Fantasma and Hit Row!
  • And Dexter Lumis was helped by Indi Hartwell (after Indi took some advice earlier in the day from Beth Phoenix) and there was a kiss coming only for Candice LeRae to push Indi away and chase her off! (And did Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph really ham those two lines of Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got To Do With It?)
  • Oh no – not the beard! Lucky for Cameron Grimes it was only trimmed. But mowing a big field with a hand mower? Cam though used what he had to delegate it and Knight wasn’t copping it! But the kid Cameron got kicked him in the shins for welching, and LA ended up heads first in the drink while Cameron was cleaning up the money!
  • The Breakout Tournament began with Duke Hudson making a South Australian statement at the expense of Jiro. And yes, the Black Hole Slam does also go by he name of the Winds of Change. Barrett knew what he saw.
  • Sarray was originally going to face Toni Storm, but with Toni’s elevation she needed another opponent and Gigi Dolin stepped up – and got beat. But what was Mandy Rose doing there watching from the stage?
  • How To Turn Face 101 – Attack Robert Stone! That’s what Aliyah did after she was beaten and the NXT universe LOVED IT! But when I thought Stone was done, Franky Monet staged a takeover instead of just kicking Stone to the curb! And there was Mandy again? Well she’s on Raw and so’s Franky’s IRL hubby! Hmmm!

Raw July 12, 2021

Transmitted live in Australia on Tuesday July 13, 2021 at 10:00am

  1. Xavier Woods v Bobby Lashley: Non Title Match – Woods by pinfall with a small package
  2. Nikki Cross v Asuka v Naomi Knight v Alexa Bliss – Nikki by pinfall on Asuka with a side package roll up
  3. AJ Styles v Ivar – Ivar by pinfall with a sit down splash
  4. Omos v Erik – Omos by pinfall after a modified power bomb
  5. Sheamus v Humberto Carrillo: US Title Match – Sheamus by pinfall to retain the title after the Brogue Kick
  6. John Morrison v Ricochet: Falls Count Anywhere Match – Ricochet by pinfall after a splash from the top rope through a ladder to the floor
  7. Rhea Ripley v Nattie Neidhart – Rhea by pinfall after the Riptide

NEWS (RIP Paul Orndorff)

  • Uh oh! I have a bad feeling for Kofi Kingston at Money in the Bank after Xavier Woods scored that MONUMENTAL upset win out of nowhere! Lashley looked shocked but you could see the volcano rumbling!
  • And in the concluding spot Lashley was disheveled and had made a decision. No more high life. He asked the ladies to leave the VIP Lounge before telling Montel “No more” and to back it up he wrecked the lounge in a clear message to Kofi.
  • You had to know that was coming! After the theft of Drew McIntyre’s sword last week, Drew responded with a hatchet job on Jindar Mahal’s wheels!
  • Rhea got the hard fought victory, and then she was jumped by Charlotte. Of course. No stipulation – which is surprising – for the title match.
  • After a backstage attack, Sheamus cleaned up Humberto in seconds showing that Carrillo wasn’t smart taking the match anyway. But a post match threat of a return broken nose brought out Damian Priest and Sheamus retreated.
  • It was one each for the Viking Raiders and the tag team champions. AJ wasn’t getting up after that squash, but neither was Erik after that power bomb executed holding the Raider’s head.
  • The Miz stuck his nose in more than once in the Falls Count Anywhere match, and finally Matt Riddle arrived to equalise that putting the wheelchair on it’s back and Mizanin with it! It gave Ricochet the room to finish it.
  • Alexa Bliss was clearly not impressed with Eva Marie and vice versa, and that led to a confrontation that had Piper Niven dumping Alexa over the barricade during the fatal four way – only for Alexa to disappear.
  • Nikki meanwhile got the win with another variation on the tight roll up that stunned Asuka!
  • And farewell Thunderdome. Nice to know you. Hope we don’t need you again.