The Wrestling Pit is a blog/site that forms part of Phil’s World. It was created as a repository for all of the results from WWE Raw, Smackdown and NXT and past results from ECW, Main Event and Superstars. There are also reports on many of the shows. WWE pay per views have also been included and some other WWE material. This site won’t be limited to WWE as there is Australian wrestling material here as well as reports and results from Impact when it was TNA and being seen in Australia as well as material from All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor and other bits and pieces.

The pages are on the left. Historical records are in DOC format. Current results of each show shown on TV in Australia are in the blog section, along with news snippets which will not be archived. Each month will be archived in DOC once a complete set for the month is established by the publication of the first set of results of the new month.

Note – this site is not related to a former site of the same name from the 00’s that has long since disappeared (thankfully!)